Ramadan Poem | Day 8: Heart-Rabb by Zulikha Idris Babalola

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I'm in you,
You're on me...
All I've learnt
None taught me...
From that day
That I first talked
All I had to say
Was what was stuck.
Stuck in my aorta
My verbal valve
Rabb-Rabb! Rabb-Rabb!
Allah, Allah! Lord, Lord!
So when you sin
And you are not seen
Remember my beats,
Rabb-Rabb and Allah sees!
So when you err
And shy to seek Him
Remember my beats,
Rabb-Rabb and Allah forgives!
So when you laugh,
And filled with joy
Remember my beats,
Rabb-Rabb, its Allah's will!
So when you're ill
And shiver with pains
Remember my beats,
Rabb-Rabb and Allah heals!
So when you fast,
And my beats hardly flow
Remember my weak beats,
Rabb, Rabb, and Allah knows.
by Zulikha Idris Babalola
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