Reading Olusola’s poetry sets your mind on fire: Review of Alto in the Lynrax of Lake

Alto in the Larynx of Lake by Tomisin Olusola Martins

ACEworld Publishers pride in publishing great works. One of their publications in 2019 is Alto in the Lynrax of Lake by Tomisin Olusola Martins, a book which has been described by critic Ebubechukwu Bruno Nwagbo as a revelation that sets the body on quenchless fire.


The review, as written by Ebubechukwu Bruno Nwagbo made the editorial pick at Qwenu. Reading Olusola’s poetry, your mind is indeed set on fire. His words fire you into action:

Let the hands that toil
in stormy season
be gladdened at the settling table
in the ripest moments;

The meaning of the “hands” here is numberless. It means the brain, eyes, mind, hips, fingers, mouth…. that work hard, work smart and positions itself for opportunities. If you have such “fingers”, you will enjoy the fruits of freedom from poverty, scams and hard life. You will be free from “eating from stretched palms”.

Alto in the Larynx of Lake by Tomisin Olusola Martins

In a generation where most people think that they owe their parents nothing. At a time where godsons disagree and fall out of love with their godparents, sponsors and role models, ACEworld‘s Author, Martins has something to say about your responsibility towards your parents, progenitors and role models.

These are found in “A Dedication to my Mother, ÌYAONÍBÁÀGÌ”, “A Million Parasites” and “My Five Fingers” respectively, amongst others.

Perhaps the poet’s greatest efforts at love is towards his lover. Though he may not be the perfect lover, he keeps her mesmerized nevertheless. Find out how by getting a copy of the book:

Written from what the author calls virgin Dusky-Sheet, there are 40 poems calling on you in this revelation that sets the body on quenchless fire.

Get a copy of this revelation. You will be happy you did. Get on Okadabooks, or Buy on ACEworld Bookstore.

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