Reasons Why You Should Make a Video Resume For Your Next Job Interview

Video Resume
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When you apply for a job, you want to use every tool and tactic available to make a lasting first impression on the employer. You may find a variety of methods and tips for improving the look and impact of your resume. However, one of the best ways to create a job application that stands out is through a Video Resume.


A video resume is a video presentation of your profile and is generally used to complement your resume.

With the increasing shift towards remote work and remote hiring, employers are turning to technology tools to screen and interview applicants remotely for open positions. In this scenario, a video resume can provide you with unique benefits and give you an edge.

Let us talk about some reasons you should make a video resume and try to understand their importance for recruiters and applicants.

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Creates A Lasting Impression

A human brain can process visual information up to 60,000 times faster than text. It is said that one can retain up to 95% of the message when it is presented as a video as compared to 10% in a text format.

This means video resumes are quite effective when it comes to conveying information about yourself to a recruiter.

Gives A Chance To Express The Real You

While a traditional resume only highlights what you have done in your career, a video resume gives your recruiter a better insight into your personality.

Rather than just sending your CV and waiting for a call for an interview, a video resume gives you a chance to speak to the right person in the company and tell them what you can do.

Wider Presentation Scope

There is a lot you can do with a traditional text-based resume, but sometimes, the limitation of words restricts the scope whereas a video resume is more flexible and lets you convey all you want.

It is a great way to present yourself in a creative way to make an impression. You can express yourself in your comfort zone to create the right first impression on the recruiter.

Shows Credibility & Effort

By creating a video resume for your job application in addition to the traditional printed resume, you are doing something new and going the extra mile.

Such an effort surely earns you a few extra brownie points from your recruiter. Moreover, the chances of faking a video resume are quite low, so you are showing credibility by sending a video presentation.

A Better Way To Showcase Soft Skills

Your video resume makes a whole lot of difference if you are applying for a job that requires communication and presentation skills. Marketing companies and other media firms want their employees to communicate with customers.

A text-based resume does not let you show verbal skills but you can showcase them in your video resume to impress the recruiter and stand a better chance to get selected.

A Professional Approach

It is possible to create a sparkling fake resume when you really don’t possess those qualities. However, a video resume reflects your real personality to the recruiter and expresses a professional approach to the job application.

If a job requires a demo, you can use your video resume as a platform. For example, if a person is applying for a call center job, he/she can portray the required skills in the video resume by showing a short demo.

Shows the level of confidence

Most people find it easy to mention their skills and achievements in a written resume, but fumble when it comes to talking about them. By creating a video resume, you are showing how confidently you can express yourself and clarify that your abilities and skills are real.

Video resumes also help demonstrate the ability to be certain and precise about goals. Employers would always look for candidates who are focused on goals and precise about work.

Portrays You As Tech-Savvy

In this age of digitalization, employers would be happy to find people who are ready to adapt to changing technologies.

The use of a video resume alongside the traditional application method would reflect your dynamic personality and readiness to change with changing times, presenting you as an asset to the company. Approaching a new way of applying for a position would also set you apart and benefit you for sure.

Saves your Money

Video resumes serve the purpose of personal interviews for most employers, particularly in this time of remote hiring and onboarding.

Candidates can easily record with the help of a camera or phone in the comfort of their homes. This is much more affordable than travelling to present oneself in person.

More Attractive & Appealing

Those who are capable of expressing themselves nicely would surely benefit from a video resume.

You can use your words, voice, and charm to make your video resume attractive and get a chance to impress your recruiter, increasing the possibility of getting hired. Moreover, a video resume helps show your excitement for the job opportunity with your expressions.

More Impactful

Though text-based resumes detail your experience, skills, and achievements, they are only scanned for a few seconds when there are hundreds of applications for a job position. However, a video resume ensures that your skills and achievements are in focus for longer.

As your application is different from others, there are better chances that it is considered thoroughly. Moreover, a video resume better serves the purpose as employers want to see the real you.

Highlights Your Light Nature

Employers are quite interested in hiring light-hearted people. So, if you are humorous, adding a video resume can certainly benefit you. It is easy to showcase this through a video and not possible when you mention your special skills in a text resume.

A printed resume makes it difficult for the recruiter to get an insight into your personality but a video resume facilitates this insight quickly. This gives you an edge over other applicants, particularly if you have an impressive personality.

Final Thoughts

All in all, video resumes are a powerful tool for candidates looking for their dream job. A well-created video resume helps stand out from others and increases the chances of being noticed and shortlisted by recruiters.

It is a great weapon you can use to show your hiring manager why you are the best match for the job position.


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