Scarlet Silk by Micheal Ace (pdf)

Micheal Ace wrote 14 poems on the theme ‘Lust’, I made it into a collection just because…




The things we do for love
We must do for lust
Scarlet Silk (pg6)


“This is not me
But the silly thing my pen-is
This is how I lose my sense
In lust for sex”
– PEN-IS (pg 7)

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Here are some of the tags

winds slapping, windows hissing
a man is carving water—deeper
breasts milking, thighs kicking
the world is about to end—faster
moans moulding, semens dripping
she’s about to cry—kiss her…


by Wale Ayinla



I will milk-out my voice one day
But in the aisle of fine poesy
That will tuck me into airs and not air,
And watch me share my thighs into
Four faces of the cardinals.


by Jonathan Endurance


Let me tell you how to make love.
Forget your tongue in the upper part of my lips
Let your rod find peace between my thighs
Let me suck of the lips above your hips
Drive like a beast into my paradise
Catch my breath against the floating hairs on your chest.
Send me to cloud nine with your thrust.
Pummel hard and fast.
Massage the treasures on my chest.
Empty yourself into me.
Let me be your temptation.
This is how to make love -nay lust.


by Edaki Timothy


I wanna see through you
I can’t help but stare at you,


by Jerome Olabode Oyatoyinbo


I’ve seen a poet whose pen is longer than the longest p*nis

his prowess is outstanding
no wonder he’s more skillful than Lionel Messi


by Sunsampaul Egwu’Philosopher


out of this erected pen
squirts blue semen
of poetry when emotions
rise like a wave…


by Goodness Tchibueze Mgbemere


I saw you last night;
In a delicious red silk gown
Your body underlined the pattern
With a mass of scarlet berries around you
Your cute innocent face beaming –
You left me glued.

by Olawumi Sarah


Stars let’s sing,
My mouth is watery
Cause my heart can no longer hold this.
I am pinning
Hard to grab my copy;
Micheal ace…
Please do not forget me,
Remember, I am in that poetry.


by Jumoke Adesewa Olah


and many more

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