Season Greetings Nigerians by Aduwo Ayodele Gabriel

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I took a side some months ago on how to spend my festive period.To buy the big cock and fun it there.I feel that’s just the right if I can. Somewhere in Surulere Local Goverment of Oyo state I had priced a cock of Four Thousand Naira ransome – nothing less. I admitted its worth, socculent feathers, beautiful head combs, worthy laps and imaginatively, a delicious savour in anticipation.I love the Nigeria market. It is suitably a black man’s room of trade marks that get its regulation from the components of the political economy. Times, as seasonal as of feasting and consciousness is generally a period when each home weighs its domestic strength and prepare for a new year.Usually there is a broken shadow that whispers the relevancy of the period as a destructive accompaniment that sudden executes people and breathes. There are homes that would not be able to afford a Christ-sake white Christmas Goat not because they are figuratively minute but they would want to avoid procession of alms begging, they wish to eat the breadth of their elbows.Out in actions would be several cases. Among which the Nigeria sovereignty and recourse is considered and determined.
The sole desire of media organisations, civic education and democratic sermonization is to bring the Nigeria structure into a relative order. From far away, this has been long in actions in mode of nationalisation. Memory counts the existence of life who had gained the business of a respectable Nigeria togetherness.
Herewither, enough tides of proceedings are measured for the upkeep of steadfastness. The resultant loss of respect has been frustrated by the practical drive of a comforted political system which at halt brow away the flaming rascality on the head of its oil lamp.
The reed we are blowing is now crushed. Of an end without a cadential success all round the munch of a seasonal felicitation is a retiring length of time without a passage of understanding that warms the body from the head.
Towards 2019, the Presidency has led a government known for lulls and handful of lurch.I assume they had tied with a promise of conducts and transparency. This orthodox is an all kinds of everything that is assertive for all political mates in manners of retrospection.
To be Christ-like summarises the opinion of Christmas.Dutifully acquainted with rumbling of kindness.And an election year in advance.
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