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Done compiling, publishing that e-book? It’s time to put it right in front of the best audience you’ll ever need. We offer you an opportunity to get your book on our bookstore for FREE even while we provide you all technical support. In fact, we will handle everything for you. Kindly read the guidelines below to learn how it works

  • We are an e-commerce platform, meaning we sell products to online buyers with the safest payment methods you can ever come across. So therefore, transactions are secure with us.
  • Thinking of where and how to publish the book? Click here.
  • We are not a 100% open source online book hub, so like you most likely have the chance elsewhere, you CAN’T plagiarize here, i.e, you cannot sell a book which does not belong to you.
  • You can either upload your book for free download or with a price tag. Whichever way, upload is FREE.
  • For books uploaded for free download, we charge absolutely nothing. But for books on sale, we charge 20% commission on every successful purchase.
  • To grant you an approval, we will need you to provide few details: Author Name, Book Title, ISBN/ISSN/ASIN (if available), Publisher name and a synopsis of the book for perusal and ownership verification.
  • You can request for withdrawal at any time, and there is no minimum threshold.
  • Because of the way the system is, a sale representative will be assigned to you to assist you throughout the process and answer your questions.
  • All available books on our shop are of value but in case of irregularities, our refund policy is topnotch.

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