Shuzia Creative Writing Contest | $250 Cash Prize

Shuzia is now accepting Biblical and Christian based entries for her 2020 Shuzia Creative Writing Contest. A cash prize of $250 will be awarded to the winners.

The stories in the Scriptures cut across time and place, across cultures, and we see ourselves in them. This is because a larger part of the Scriptures is a journal of the human experience.


And so, in this light, we are calling on writers to retell these stories through a contemporary gaze. How would it feel to be David in 2020? How would the resurrection of Jesus have been received in this age of #tags and memes? Can we reimagine Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well in a time when issues like race, diversity and gender roles are hot topics?

This is a call to be creative with your favourite Bible story or characters, and to give these stories a befitting setting in this modern world.

Shuzia Creative Writing Contest | $250 Cash Prize


  • Submissions must be Biblical and Christian based
  • Emphasis on contemporary retelling of biblical stories
  • Short stories of 2,000 words or less
  • No age limit
  • Submission is by email to


  • Winner: N45,000
  • 1st Runner-Up: N35,000
  • 2nd Runner-Up: N20,000

How to submit

TARGET: Writers
LEVEL: Biblical and Christian stories
PRIZE: $250 Cash
HOST: Shuzia
DEADLINE: 20 November 2020
REMINDER: Support Room


Send your submissions to or use the buttons above.

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