Silhouette; Trio Poetry by Jamiu Enitan, Ifemeni Derrick and Fame Odey


Anisere Jamiu Enitan

A tale of how a body dissolves

into a darkcreature, whilst kissing the earth

cannot be told rather to siblings; to families;

to the shadow that haunts them.

The conquest, the transcendence

in the open field;during the fire flies whisper;

& during the birds tweeting

are before the sullen moonlight,

as it swallows it

Arethe tales; the secrets of all black secrets

Hidden beneathdarkness &

Away from prying eyes and mouths.

The silhouettist tells not

The headlines, digging& burning

his figure, his words, his name

Like wildfire; as it burns every truthinto false

On the skins of those who

carry the obsolescence & the burnsin their heart

That he had died, a while ago

Before sunset.

– Ifemeni Christian Derrick White 

− For Frank Okonji Snow

I am paranoiac anytime I melt

Like an iceberg; like a candlewax on your cheeks

Maybe, this is the alchemy

To the truckload of warsand struggles

my body fights,&wears every day.

In the dark, I wear a thick figurine

walking into a dead room, my blackness illuminates

and their monochromatismdies

at the sight of my shadows.

I am darkness, the ones that’ll chew

into you;to carveyour heart

a symbol for sympathy.

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I am the grave, craving for your flowers, your wishes & yourprayers

Since Oblivion has become my middle name

Anytime you think of my mother

The picture of me, holding handswith her

lit a tear in you,

your eyes burn and bleed.

You’ll seek me not in my father’s flesh

Il est la glossaire moinsdeces lui-meme

You’ll forget the songs; the talks and the jokes I did

But, whenever you think of me

I’ll be behind you, (be)holding your smiles. 


– Fame Odey 

God is light, like silhouette His fingers

Rest on our eyebrows & when we sleep,

He slips.

He beats hope into drums coated with

Fears in our heart & watch us dance to

the tunes on sun, days, He likes entertainers.

God is immortal, like silhouette. If you search

Inside him, you’ll find the image of men

His likenesses.

& when we slip. He sleeps.

A boy was born yesterday. I search through

his breath & found God coming out off him at

every exhaled. he died today!

Didn’t God made him according to his image

and likeness?

Come, let us think.

Isn’t images collection of dreams stocked on

a motionless plank, whose destinies are to

Tell tales, haunting memories of dead chasm?

Isn’t likeness a comparison between what

Should be, & what is what, playing on

someone’s intelligence?

That is to say:

Every man was dead before he was born

He comes into the world like fiction

And when been read, he wanes off

Come, let us think.

As a man, you live in a cloud under the earth

And your shadow carry your feet over

The face of the earth & as a god, you seek to

find solace when the night is over whence your

Lips grows too heavy to talk, & after dying

You live.

God is immortal, someone say God is Light

Like silhouette, Like his finger rest on our

eyebrows & when we sleep,

He slips.


IFEMENI C. DERRICK WHITE lives and writes in Lagos State, Nigeria. He, a native of Delta state who believes literature & poetry is a personal experience made overtly through passion. 
He is a Humanist, and a rebel against girl-child abuse and all other stereotypedissues relating to: politics, religion, tradition& sexuality. He’s currently working on his first poetry chapbook; a collection poems entitled: 
“I Lit A Matchstick &Darkness Died”. 

ANISERE JAMIU ENITAN is from Osun State. Born in the late 90’s in the city of Lagos. He finished my secondary education in the year 2013 at Iyesi Ota high school in Ogun state. He took to writing at my early age and open for improvement. Some of his works are lady in the dark, abstinence, excellency in the city of excellence amidst others. Currently he is a fashion designer and hoping to further his education. 

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