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(Someday Is Now)

My throat had just listened to the freestyle of the famous “Garri”,and the stomach was upset,pardon?,am so sorry to be cruel,recession and inflation got me captured in the hands of the rebels.
Just finished starring at mama’s grave,i went in,sat on the couch and begins sobbing.Life was cruel,my hope of becoming a successful writer is paranoid of becoming a reality,the pains i had cannot be told,i thought of hanging myself like judas iscariot,but i feared death.When i realise i could’nt bless the world with my creativity,i felt guilty,each day,my hope burns and will got burnt someday,i cried blubly,my mouth streches in condolence,my stomach rattles for hunger.

But i hear a whisper behind my ears
,”son,stand tall,someday is now,your time is here,build up your city and mount and rule”!.

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Category: Fiction | Nonfiction

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From The Author: Arowojobe tolulope timothy are my names,beign coerced with the chains of creativity,my hands were subjected to the family of authors,i realise this as a talent when i yielded an award in college,although,i am into music,the love for writing seems to surpass all!.

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