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How old are your dreams?
I saw them falling off your chest
As your nipples touched your belly button.
Memories fly with time, at night
So when you remember my words
You will let sleep follow your tears to war.

The last time I let your paintings
Walk upon the scarred wall in my eyes
I saw souls flying down in red dusts-
a symbol of mediocrity.
Run a quick check on your timeline,
and curse the day we met.

Someone read this poem and died
She said the words burnt down her throat,
and she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t say life.
She couldn’t tell how her heart was broken
She only left me the pieces, i counted them.
They were nineteen- your age!

I once saw your ghost along the stream
Did you miss your way home?
I touched your emptiness, held hands,
and i gave it up to the storm.
So if I find someone like you tomorrow
I know this poem, I won’t forget how to start.

Michael Ace

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Micheal Ace

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