Upgrade Your ICT Knowledge, And Relate Them to Real Life

by Micheal Ace Amazon is richer than Google. But look at it, Amazon is... Read more »

Chronicles of Silence | Excerpt From The Thing Between My Legs And Other Stories

IBADAN WAS THE OLDER SON WHO was too meek to garner fame and affluence,... Read more »

How Free Verse Makes Everyone A Poet by Micheal Ace | Read Excerpt

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Editorial: Top Ten Entrants | Pun Poetry Contest

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Editorial: Ten Powerful Lines From Toby Abiodun’s ‘The revolution’ That Will Make you Moonwalk On Water Undrowned

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Editorial: The Significance, Validity And Impediments Of Poetry To The Nation (pdf)

Poetry has always been a part of humanity. In fact, it's the basis on... Read more »

Editorial: Understanding The Power Of The Mind

by Micheal Ace A very dumb guy once lived down my street. Everybody loved... Read more »

Unveiling The Hypocrisy Swept Under The Rug Of Religion; An Expository Essay On The Attainment Of Mental Freedom

At times I do wish I was born a freethinker, like everyone else could... Read more »

Micheal Ace: Collection of poems in his honour {PDF}

When a poet's birthday is celebrated, it is like he asks for rain and... Read more »

Poetry: One Billion Dollar Dream by Micheal Ace

The world is a kind of desert, And I am a bird seeking solace... Read more »

Poetry: The Lazy man’s poem by Micheal Ace

The Lazy man's poem The rest of the world sleep at night The dead... Read more »

Poetry: The End Has Not Yet Come by Micheal Ace

The book of Psalm was the last leaf on this tree I ate the... Read more »

Poetry: The Thing That Screams At Night By Micheal Ace

By Micheal Ace

Someone like you | Micheal Ace

How old are your dreams? I saw them falling off your chest As your... Read more »

Scarlet Silk by Micheal Ace (pdf)

Micheal Ace wrote 14 poems on the theme 'Lust', I made it into a... Read more »

The Thing Between My Legs | A Fiction by Micheal Ace

You would never know how tormenting life can be until you begin to read... Read more »

The Time Is Now | Micheal Ace

Tomorrow These walls won't listen no more The night will grow into a dawn... Read more »

DO NOT COME HOME by Micheal Ace

Son Do not come home Until the moon sees your shadows When the sun... Read more »



Muse2go Second Edition Contest Result


Poetry extracts from Micheal Ace’s “Every word i say” | Tanimonure Richard Adewale

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