Jack Grapes Poetry Prize

Jack Grapes Poetry Prize 2020 is open for entries (Prize: $900)

The Jack Grapes Poetry Prize in its 8th year is hosted by Cultural Weekly.... Read more »

Call For Submission: This is Nigeria Anthology

The fact is, writing, deserves much more accolade than it receives. But this is... Read more »

Poetry: Mistakes: The Greatest Minor Sin by Farouk Sanusi

 Mistakes: The Greatest Minor Sin Sometimes my heart weeps for the mistakes he did... Read more »

Book Review: A poetic appraisal of “Ripples from the King’s court” by Aire Joshua Omotayo

Published: gods of august (collection of poems)

ACEworld Publishers presents gods of august; a collection of fourteen poems by fourteen gods... Read more »
Latest Opportunities/ACEworld Publishers


Latest Opportunities/ACEworld Publishers

Poetry extracts from Micheal Ace’s “Every word i say” | Tanimonure Richard Adewale

Every word i say by Micheal Ace Every beggar's palm is a book that... Read more »
Latest Opportunities/ACEworld Publishers

Life|Yahaya Mohammed Emirokpa

Life ! Proved Amicable. Saturate! The vein of my blood bleeds Like dead housed-life~... Read more »