The Advantages and Disadvantages of E-learning

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With the advancement in technology in today’s era, the life of a human being has become much more accessible than ever before. Mobiles, laptops, the internet and other electronic gadgets have made our work easier and faster.


Now we don’t have to wait to talk to anyone if you are missing your family or friends, you can call them and talk to them when you are far from home. Moreover, considering the education sector, technology has entered rapidly and has been evolving daily. Now students can search for anything on Google or watch any video related to a specific subject.

In short, our lives are nothing without technology, but with its correct usage, we can progress daily. With the help of technology, getting an education has become easier for everyone. There was a time when children from rural areas were not much educated because of a lack of technology; it was not within their reach. But thanks to technology, e-learning is now possible for everyone.  

But the digitalization and Covid-19 outbreak has increased the popularity and necessity of e-learning. Students can now enroll themselves in numerous online courses while sitting in their homes. E-learning provides the benefit of learning from experienced educators and interacting with other students from different backgrounds.

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If we go deep into the definition of e-learning, it can be defined as obtaining knowledge using electronic devices and media sources. In simple terms, it is defined as electronically enabled learning that ranges from various educational videos on YouTube to e-learning platforms and digital classes. E-learning is executed on the internet, where the study materials are available 24*7 at any place.

In addition, university students can get online assignment help from different online platforms. But we cannot escape the fact that all good things have their advantages and disadvantages, so how can technology stay away from them? Here in this article, we will point out the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning.

Advantages of E-learning:

The most significant advantages of e-learning are mentioned below:


The foremost benefit of e-learning is that it provides flexibility regarding time and place. You don’t have to go anywhere; sit in your room, log in to your e-learning platform account, and study. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or anywhere else. The content made for e-learning is usually for short durations, so you can pause it anytime and start it again from where you leave. Even if you miss a session, you can download it and it for later. Therefore, e-learning is beneficial in terms of flexibility.


With the facility of e-learning, the time required to complete a course is reduced because the courses are designed for the entire group and not for a single student. As the learning time will reduce, then automatically, you will be able to learn efficiently as you don’t need everything that is offered to the whole group. 


The teaching content at universities is impossible without Moodle and Blackboard. But with the arrival of E-learning now, one can save a lot of time in the private sector. You can gain many more learning opportunities without being physically available with internet access. E-learning has made it possible to be available anytime and anywhere, and you don’t need to remain present there.

Lower cost

The packages provided by various e-learning platforms can be reused as much as you wish without any additional charge. Moreover, there are some free courses and free access to them. As e-learning allows participation in various courses simultaneously, it is considered less expensive than regular learning offers.


E-learning can take place anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a computer or a laptop; you can also use it on your smartphone. The only thing required with e-learning is having Internet access because, without it, you cannot do anything. Moreover, you can store tutorials, learning materials, and transcripts on your digital device and cannot lose them if you have a good backup.

Disadvantages of E-learning

The followings are some disadvantages of e-learning:


Other than e-learning, there is much more to explore on the internet. So there are chances that you get distracted and start using your social media or watching a movie. Moreover, when you study from home, your roommate or family members can disturb you by making some noise. With e-learning, you will need silence and concentration to remain focused.

Internet connection

Many students do not have a durable internet connection, making it challenging to attend online sessions. Moreover, there can be a problem with internet speed or insufficient data storage that needs to be fixed so there will be no disturbance.


For some students, learning from anywhere and anytime makes them hesitant. While for some others learning in a different environment is necessary to get disciplined. In addition, learning with others while in the same room can awaken your ambition and exposure to new thoughts.

Social isolation

With e-learning, you stay at home for extended periods, making you isolated from the outside world. But one cannot run away from the social aspects of their life, and it is equally important to gain social intelligence and develop healthy relationships with the outside world.

Practical knowledge

With e-learning, theoretical learning is more accessible, but it becomes problematic when it comes to gaining practical knowledge. During your dance class, you will not be able to observe everything from a distance, so you will have to restrict yourself; moreover, the movement sequence can be controlled incorrectly.

Tips For Successful E-learning

  • Set your aim and learn online courses that help you reach your goal.
  • Evaluate the online courses, research the ratings of other e-learning platforms, and first go with their free trials.
  • Develop a learning environment at your home. Tell your family and friends to understand and support your learning mode.
  • Do not fall behind in your online learning classes; make a to-do list every week and prioritize your studies.
  • With day-to-day learning, try to increase your difficulty level or the number of tasks assigned by the e-learning platform.
  • When you attend the online class, revising yourself helps you improve your memory and an understanding of your course.
  • Search for an online learning group and participate in discussions to motivate and achieve better results.
  • Plan your breaks between your online studies because continuous performance can decrease your motivation. A break will help you regain your energy and return to learning with a focused mind.


E-learning has brought various changes in the education sector and has made the life of students and teachers easier. However, it has some benefits and drawbacks, which we have mentioned above in the article. It can save time and money for both students and teachers in specific ways, and if used wisely, it can provide many advantages. 

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