The child; Short Story by Uche Amaobi

“…..This child is proof that you have been messing with that boy, and you still haven’t learnt your lesson. Ada,  if you do not stop what you are doing i am going to make him an imbecile. Ada, I swear by my ancestors I’ll make the father of your child useless!” Her father thundered.
It wasn’t the first time he was raging about her relationship with Adam. Adam was a threat to him, everything he wasn’t. A friend, a good man.
She feared her dad and obeyed every word he said, but that was long ago. long before he divorced her mother, that was long ago before he sexually abused her, he had said the ancestors demanded.
But all of that was in the past,she was not going to let him ruin her relationship with Adam, a man who has given her hope, life, the life her dad took away from her. She was not going to stop seeing Adam.
She cannot wait to see the look on her dad’s face when he finds out who fathered her child.

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