The gods are dead (episode 1) by Micheal Ace

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Here is comes

“The gods are dead”
Episode 1

His Majesty, king Adedapo, the Ologiro of Ogiro has just been elated after the birth of the price he most expected, the new born Prince marked to be named Adeyanju died after two hours of his birth.



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Could the gods be dead?, Iyalode asked

Otun: No, impossible, before the beginning of man were the gods and alive they will remain as long as this land is covered with sands.

Osi: But don’t let us just assume things, i think Iyalode’s question made sence, because if the gods are not dead, kabiesi has clocked 70 and still the only prince he has hoped for died just after birth.

Iyalode: Otun!!!, this issue was seen as joke but now it’s becoming a reality, hope Kabiesi will not die without heir?.


Otun could not answer when Olori Agba entered with wails and cries,
The king has slumped and died.


Ogun ooooooooo, what is happening, Balogun muttered buf even Ogun itself was not there to answer.


3 weeks after the King’s death

The chiefs summoned the ‘Oluawo’ for oracle consultation because the throne cannot be left empty for too long….

Otun: Oluawo, please help the village consult the oracle on the steps to be taken now

(Oluawo made some incarnations, and spoke with oracle)

Oluawo: I greet the chiefs and the community at large, the oracle said before a new king can be crowned, the community has to send 7 Strong youths to the Forbidden Forest of Wizards (Igbo Oso).
These youths will walk past all hurdles and challenges and when they make it there, any man they meet there is the chosen king.


The chiefs summoned the oracle again to bless the chosen youths, among them was Akanji, Akanji could have run away just to escape this quest… His mind was drenched with sorrow as he caught Asake’s eyes

Asake had just agreed to Akanji’s marriage proposal after a long year trial. But this unexpected misfortune is bringing them apart,
Asake could not help those tears as her love was being escorted to the Forbidden Forest of Wizards…




Ogiro: A village in Yoruba land ruled by king Adedapo before his death.
Osi: the lefthand chief of the king in yoruba land
Otun: the righthand chief of the king ” ” ”
Iyalode: a female chief that sees to the affairs of the village
Balogun: the warlord
Ogun: a deity in yoruba land “the god of Iron”
Oluawo: the chief priest of a town or village in yoruba culture
Igbo Oso : a forbidden forest of wizards
Asake: a yoruba female name
Akanji: a yoruba male name.


Location: yoruba land
Culture: yoruba

Written by Micheal Ace


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The gods are dead (episode 2) by Micheal Ace

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