The Visitor, And One Other Poem by Saint Jude Muoneke


The boulevard beyond have many
The peregrination of the soul
Agony of the kiths and kin
Though the soul’s destination
The wide and narrow awaits you.

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All mortals scared of death
Though every home has felt
her stings,
Her visits is without invitation
Souls weeping and walking.

Corpus lifelessly lay like a log
log of wood,
The ears deaf
Mouth mute to the yearnings
of the world,
Inscription boldly inscribed
“we were once like you”

Death mocks the living
Mortals mourn the dead
Death a debt indebted by
all mortals,
Why walk shoulder high?

The cadaver committed to
the mother earth,
Mouth smells like a rotten egg
Maggots feast on the helpless

The world is but a sojourn
Judgement awaits all mortals
Souls reap what they sow
Your deeds speak for you.


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Society stuffy and scary
Traditions are weeping
Men have ceased to be men
Women wooed and wounded.

In the Stone Age
Morality desired and treasured
Youths moulded in character
Parents pat their shoulders
The future smiles at them.

But today, society is sagging
Money praised and worshipped
Parents scared of progenies
Souls sacrifice for shekels.

Coin a living god
Daughters wooed to conjugal
Her womb quid pro quo for money
Mothers agonise foe a grandson
Grey hairs mock them.

Ego oyibo smiles at you
But it root is harmful and dreadful
Destinies sowed for thanksgiving
Tails trade-off for coins.

Parents pervert or perish
Greed will dig your graves
Red caps call for reformation
Get back to the drawing board.

Then comes the New religion
Where prosperity is blown like serine
Truth twisted for cupidity
Men are eaters of men
Who will redeem us?

Armageddon is coming
Eyes will weep blood
All shall perish
And souls must chronicle their deeds.


Muoneke, Jude Chukwuemeka, hails from Akokwa in Ideato North of Imo state, Nigeria. He studied English and Literary Studies at Federal University Wukari, Taraba State. He graduated 2017 and served (NYSC) 2017-2018 in AKwa Ibom state.

He has passion for poetry. Some of his published poems are THE VISITOR and THE DECAYING SOCIETY, and his other poems are on the pipeline of publication.

He writes on national issues that have bedevilled the society in by and large.

He is a multilingual. He understands and speaks English, Hausa, Igbo, Jukun and Ibibio.

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