Things Every Job Seeker Must Know in 2021

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The pandemic caused a shift in a lot of things. Industry and employment weren’t left out on this shift. In this article, we’ll be focusing on just employment.


If you’re applying for jobs in 2021 there are some facts that you should know. This is simply because a lot has changed from what they used to be. For instance, job openings are no longer during the beginning and ending of the year only. They have become more random now. This is not the only change.

During the pandemic when everyone had to stay indoors, a lot of jobs had to be run via online platforms. It was at this point that hiring people for certain positions based on their social media profiles became a thing.

Below are five things every job seeker must know in 2021.

1. Your Online Reputation Matters:

In as much as the primary purpose of social media is connecting with people and having fun, it has also become a yardstick for measuring a person's qualifications for a job.

It is not a new thing for tactful employers to access a person's communication skills based on how they interact online. Yes, this is true. This is why we advise you to be wary of your social media behaviour.

Your potential employer could be watching.

2. Professional CVs Are Important:

Gone are the days where job applications were done based on some hurriedly written curriculum vitae. These days, employers peruse through your CV and try to determine what value you can offer before considering you for any position.

If your CV is badly written, hire the services of professionals and make it up to date. Besides, there are CV applications that can serve as guides to you if you must write your CV by yourself.

3. Skill Up:

Owning extra skills give you an edge over other applicants. Mind you, these skills are more appreciated if they are in related fields. For example, a creative writer with practical SEO knowledge would be an added advantage to the firm he or she would be employed in.

It could also earn you a pay raise. While you job hunt and submit your CVs, try to get some skills too. You’d be happy you did.

4. Build Your Network:

It is easier to get a job when you have the right network around you. By your network, we mean people or companies in similar niches. Most job seekers think networking ends at a few chats on the gram or WhatsApp.

No, it is way beyond that. Attend that conference, make that call. Never hesitate to tell people about what you do. Also, be open to people and ideas. That is how to grow your network.

Follow The Trends:

Any jobseeker in 2021 should know this one truth. Keeping to yourself with zero social life is a good way to stay jobless for a long time. And that’s not what you desire of course.

Follow the trends. If you’re into web development, do well to keep up with the latest news in it. Also, follow seasoned and growing web developers too. Connect with them.

Following the trends in your field will help you in discovering the latest opportunities as they come. You can follow Opportunities & Deadlines on Twitter for opportunities and jobs alerts.

Originally posted 2021-03-27 10:37:48.

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