Tribute to Ikeogu Oke: Death not Again by Emmanuel Joseph

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Death not Again

Death not again…
You will lay your ugly hand
In the lives of our kins
In tears our heart is maim
Song of sorrow we mime


Ikeogu Oke…
You came to wrestle and win,
Unknown force took you like a thief
Oceans you ve crossed and swim
Is it men or God that refuse you live?

Not again will death stand our way
Leaving behind our close doors with drip of pain.
Just a minute of touch he got spoilt our name.

How powerful is death to reap our grains?
An unknown debt he insist we should pay…

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When does one know the real death…
If not suffered a sick health,
How does one die a still birth…
Leaving behind the wife,children,
a hard earned wealth…
Could human stand in disguise to impersonate death…
May be for envy,hate,evil on a rebirth.

Ikeogu why leave before dawn?
Does demon has the power
to fall life?
Why lost and not found?
A grown iroko is knocked down!

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Death not again…
You will pronounce our name
When your sting is nothing but stain
Your visit is not for gain!
Allow us so we can remain!
Our act is still on display,
Why blow the light to fade…
When we are still active on stage?

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