Two Poems by Olaseni Kehinde Precious


A lightened home my head sees
Where crown and sceptre flee the wolves
Then Shines like a crystal on a sheperd the home cries of his footstep
And Staff and rod walks home into the sky


A lightened home my head sees
Where children are like birds of the air
And back kisses against splash of Red wine
Where the land quench its thirst only with the birth of a pregnant cloud

A lightened home my head sees
Where children are like Elephants
And their stomach bids farewell to harmattan
A place milk and honey is an air in the room of children

To the lamenting land I call!
Let your children be birds
Let the hand of your land be handicap to kneel for food from the beautifully dressed home afar
And your milk and honey would never walk out of the room of children

To you oh children!
Let your home be painted with lightness
And shut your womb that speaks from dressing your home in the enemy of daylight
Then the home shall undress the dark attires that feeds the eye of strangers.


It's a new day,
The sky has freed its cool flesh,
Covered with darkness:

the Birds are singing,
Cockerels alarming with crows,
Man still in his dream

After night journey,
While he hardly smelled the earth,
Without his nose blocked......

He raises his head,
Thinking of blessing his mouth;
With his bones cracked down

He unchains his bones,
Then Untaints his glowing teeths
That aren't tainted....

He ardones his flesh,
Unlocks the gate of the real World
That is never shut.


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 Olaseni Kehinde Precious with the sobriquet "Pen Kenny" is a native of
Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. She's an undergraduate of English and
Literary Studies at the great citadel of learning; Obafemi Awolowo
University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. 
She's a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Osun State branch
where she learns to play with literary alphabets and shape the society
with her mighty sword.
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