Update: Books Reading and Rhythm Introduces Readers’ Connect 1.0, Themed Books Unploughed

Knowledge has a lot to do with understanding and intelligence has a lot to do with thinking, but our purpose of acquiring knowledge and staying intelligent has a lot to with what we get out of our understanding and thinking.


The theme of this event "Books Unploughed" and another issue we will be talking about "why do we read?" has a lot of to do with the state of our nation, most especially the education sector.

It is not news that Africa which Nigeria is part is not a reading nation, but the few that read, why do they read? Why don't we want to read when there are many books unploughed? Do you read for fun? Do you read just to gather knowledge? Do you read in other to become intelligent? Why do you read? Do you read to grow? Do you read to become a better citizen? Do you read in other to live with the past or leave to design a better future? What is your purpose for reading? Do you read to lead? Are readers leaders?


Adewale Iyanda, one of the organizers shared this on his Facebook wall:

1 event
2 talks, 2 speakers
2 reviewing/workshop session, 4 reviewers/facilitators
Sub group discussion for sub themes

Readers' connect 1.0 is a book and reading event organized by Books Reading and Rhythm (BRR) a non government organization whose goal is to encourage, sensitize and help the society understand what reading can do with emphasis on mind restructuring, capacity building and self development.

We hope to see you there, as we read to grow together n other to change the face of our nation.


Do you read to build your capacity? Do you read for the sake of certificate? Do you read to develop yourself? Do you read to restructure your mind?

These questions are rhetorical and to get the answer, you just need to be present at this books and reading event.

We have the talk sessions, the reviewing/workshop sessions, the sub group discussions and lot more...

It is going to be informative, innovative and educative.

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