What experts have to say, reading the manuscript of Walking in the Pathway of Success by Olajuwon Joseph Olumide

Walking in the pathway of success by Olajuwon Joseph Olumide, forthcoming on ACEworld Publishers, is a book that maps out a step by step blueprint that it takes in walking through the process leading to that excellent posterity — via purpose and self-discovery, building capacity in knowledge and wisdom seeking to become globally relevant.

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Below are what experts said reading the manuscript of the forthcoming book.

“The dynamism required of our youngsters in this knowledge age is gunning for a crescendo. Nary a time was finesse and top pitch professionalism the basics than now. At the centre of it all is the philosophical king. The book has spelt out the requirement for greatness and or excellence. The adroit use of imagery and topicality set the piece in the genre of text for the enlightened.”

Charles Oni PhD
HOD, Mass Communication YCT.

“The author painstakingly explores the concept of excellence through real-life experiences and research. This is critical to fully grasp the depth and breadth of excellence – since excellence is not a myth or some intangible ideal. Excellence is an act, a product that requires a process. This is where this book differs from motivational rhetoric.”

– Funso Oris
Literary Scholar, Anthologist & Author
Chicago, US.

  • Do you want to demarcate the blurred line between grief & greatness? Success & failure?
  • Do you want to find out how I stand before life through its labyrinths, defend the dissertation of my vision as a PhD student before red-eyed professors?
  • Do you want to find out what singles one’s voice of destiny out of the hubbub of this market place?
  • How do you cross the dark points of life?
  • What legacy will you pass on before you pass on?
  • Do you want to wield the mantle that holds mantle in servitude?

Scholar, Oris, affirms that this book differs from a motivational rhetoric because the author explores the concept of excellence through real life experiences & research.

To find answers to these questions & more, contact the Author, Olajuwon Joseph Olumide. Click here or call on 07066304484.

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