Which University Should I Choose? 5 things to guide choice of University in the UK

You have gotten admissions into 3 Universities. Congratulations! Now, you are confused about which to choose. Here are five things to consider in your choice of University in the UK.

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1. Ranking: The higher the school’s ranking, the better its program may be. However, highly ranked schools are also expensive. So, you will have to do some balancing between ranking and tuition costs.

2. Tuition: This is very important especially if you are paying out of pocket. You want something affordable that will not leave you neck-deep in debt.

3. Discount offers/Scholarships: Some universities give generous discounts ranging from £3000 to £5000. This can also get a bit tricky. Some schools charge hefty tuition and give a generous discount. So, do the maths and find out whether you are really benefitting.

4. Scholarships: Some schools have scholarships that can pay your tuition. This influenced my choice of my alma mater, Glasgow Caledonian University. I won the school’s 2019 Postgraduate Ambassador Scholarship which meant I paid £0 in tuition fees. Free tuition can take a lot of burden off you. Walahi.

4. City: Where is the school located? What is the possibility of getting part-time jobs? My school has 2 campuses – Glasgow and London. I chose to go to the London Campus because London offered more job opportunities. Also, bigger cities are more multicultural – less incidence of racism and less isolation for you. A lively city also holds more opportunities for tourism and provides a richer experience.

5. Cost of Living: Studying in big cities has a downside – the cost of living may be higher. But we are used to this conundrum. Think living in Awka and Lagos. While it may be cheaper to live in Awka, Lagos offers more opportunities. Also, living in cities may not be as costly as you fear. There are ways to get cheaper accommodation and feeding. There are hacks to everything. For cheap, affordable accommodation, you can check spareroom.co.uk.

So, these are the 5 main things to consider when choosing a University to study within the UK. To make the best choice, you have to research and research. Use Google. Find out everything about the city and how the living experience there looks like.

Good luck as you make the best choice for yourself!

Written by Kelvin Alaneme, 2021.

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