Why wearing a face mask alone will not protect you from Coronavirus

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The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has explained why wearing a face mask alone will not protect you from Coronavirus.

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A lot of states in Nigeria are currently relaxing lockdown while resorting to enforcing the use of face masks in public as alternatives. However, NCDC has advised that it is used as an optional and additional layer of protection.

According to NCDC, wearing of face masks alone will not protect you from Coronavirus, especially if not worn properly, but it can prevent the spread if someone is coughing and sneezing as their nasal droplets would have less chance of contaminating others.

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NCDC advised Nigerians against having a false sense of protection against Coronavirus because of face masks but rather combine it with physical distancing. Additionally, when people wear face masks, cloth masks or other cloth covering for their face, the face masks should be carefully removed and if disposable, thrown away in a dustbin carefully or washed daily if made of cloth.

The advisory from the NCDC mentions the use of face masks in crowded areas where physical distancing may prove difficult. With the upcoming Islamic holy month of Ramadan, the use of face masks is advised during the obligatory call to prayer.

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