Wild animals, nature take over cities of the world after Coronavirus lockdown

Following the Stay-at-home directive given in major countries of the world with a high burden of Covid-19 pandemic, wild animals and nature have now taken over the cities.


It will be recalled that a few days ago, Ideal Health NG published a documentary which gives an insight into what major cities of the world look like after the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this is the result: wild animals, nature have now taken over those cities.

1. Spotted in India is Malabar civet, a critically endangered mammal not seen until 1990. It has resurfaced for the first time in India after the Coronavirus lockdown.

2. Birds spotted enjoying the lockdown in a mind-blowing way at Sabarmati Riverfront Ahemdabad.

3. A Nilgai was also spotted at Sector 18 in front of GIP Mall by cops on patrol after the Coronavirus lockdown.

4. On the main road of Banjara Hills, India, this was spotted following the Coronavirus lockdown.


However, this is not the case of animals alone as nature has also taken its turn to display its artistic prowess. These are streets of Jaipur’s busiest Johari Bazaar area, which are always busy on normal days.

Coronavirus lockdown
Coronavirus lockdown
Coronavirus lockdown

These sights are really mesmerizing and sometimes it’s beautiful to allow nature to take its course.

However, we hope that the lockdown comes to an end so the world can return to normal and businesses can go on as they are meant to. Despite the increase in panic created by the virus, we do hope it all comes to a standstill soon.

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