Xmas in the GRAVE

Xmas in the GRAVE


Pretty scents from rose and lily
I love the bouquet, the flowers are gilly
Kids on trample, the grasses are laden
It is another Xmas in the Garden

Our hearts inter and woven
Let the breads an in to oven
A world of sky, earth and men
It is another Xmas in the Realm

Don’t mind the lip-breaks when you smile
It is a loving cause of harmattan
Let us set on a race of dash
Its another xmas in the Avalanche

Take the Sandwiches
We are off for a picnic
Let’s all play at the sault
Its another xmas in the Vault

Let the mighty erne soar so high
More than a kite in the sky
Mother Mary has given birth
Its another Xmas in the earth

G is for Garden
R is for Realm
A is for Avalanche
V is for Vault
E is for earth

It is another Xmas in the GRAVE

Micheal Ace