Yendi Begs For Development and Investment

The Yendi Municipal Assembly was established in 1988 by PNDC Law 207, Act 462, and LI 1443 and was later elevated to a Municipality in 2007. Yendi is the capital of the Dagbon Kingdom; As the capital of one of the most respected Kingdoms in West Africa, it has earned a good name across the borders of northern Ghana and beyond,despite this good earned reputation,She has got the other side of the coin.

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Yendi as a municipality still finds herself competing with assemblies which has districts as it status. One cannot in real fact claim that; Yendi is a municipal assembly,because her development cannot outweigh that of assemblies in the Northern region with districts as it status. A municipality, where public announcements are made via public address systems,where vital public service institutions are being lacking,with deplorable state of roads and host of other problems begging for solutions.

The slow pace in terms of development of our homeland is due to factors that emanates from us as a people from and within the vicinity of Yendi. Our homeland in the year 2002 ,was visited by an unfortunate event; of which we pray shall be the last event of it kind to visit our dear Kingdom. This event fractured the developmental bone of our mother land; Yendi,which crippled it since till the ‘new dawn of hope’. But we thank the Almighty Allah for His endless blessings been poured on us as a people,because our home land has recovered from the wounds She sustained during the sad event of March 27th, 2002.

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Now that the doors of the darker days are been closed and new doors of hope are been opened,we must help protect the peace and stability currently prevailing in our side of the country to pave way for development and investment by potential investors. Let’s protect the future of the younger generation,like myself and others;because today youths are tomorrow’s leaders and stakeholders of our dear Kingdom and the country as a whole.

Total prevalence of peace and coexistence can bring develop. Same will encourage potential investors to be willing and ready to sow their ‘capital’ in Yendi without any fear of lost. This is a time no government can deny Dagbang development with an excuse of conflict or lack of peace. Dagbang,especially Yendi is now swimming in peace and crying out for development from all quarters to give it a face lift;to be able to much with Municipalities in Ghana. The new Yendi is born and now begging for development;a safe place waiting to accommodate investors and all sort of business men and women.

It’s a high time we realise that,chieftaincy related dispute cannot bring the needed development,it rather draws development backwards. Let’s preach and embrace the peace we currently enjoying as a people, because we benefits nothing after a chieftaincy conflict. What we benefits most are deaths and sometimes leave people homeless,leave our children as orphans,leave our mothers as widows and so many casualties just to mention a few,which we don’t pray for. The aged, children and the disabled are adversely affected in times of chieftaincy conflict and conflicts of any nature .

For the fact that you can run faster than Usain Bolt doesn’t mean you should trigger war or conflict; in sparking conflict,did you ask the aged whether they can run in times of conflict, what about your children; our children and their children, what of the disabled people? Let’s embrace peace to better the future of the younger generation and to encourage investors to invest in our part of the country. The new Yendi is here and ready for development and investment!

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By:Abdul-Rahaman Gadafi(Gadafi Kpalua)
(Community Journalist,Balagu-Yendi)

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