You want to start earning for every word you write? Answer these questions first

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You have probably heard about platforms that commission writers for contents. How about Fiverr, Upwork and the likes where people get gigs to create content at agreed charges.


It’s a good thing wanting to join the league of writers who earn six figures even from their passion. But there are things you need to put in place, part of which will be highlight in the series of questions below.

These questions represent the necessary boxes required to be ticked if you really want to succeed in your new career of professional writing. And as personal advice, I’d recommend you tick all before you get started.

  1. How many valuable contents have you written and how many are discoverable on the internet (not on Facebook)? See second question.
  2. Do you know when we say web contents, we are talking about articles that provide answers to people’s questions? Not your regular essays and poems. Need to understand what web contents are? See our Editorial section here.
  3. Which content management system do you have a catalogue of your works on? WordPress? Medium? Blogger? Do you have pages on Quora, Reddit? You don’t have to spend to get yourself a page on these platforms. Create free accounts and start writing. But note that for customization, you would have to spend on domain names (for Blogger and WordPress).
  4. Aside from your well-designed CV is your LinkedIn profile up to taste. No one requires you to stay active there. Just get your profile ready in case your employer asks for it.
  5. How many of your articles are on top profiled blogs? I’m talking about Punch, Sahara Reporters, Guardian and the likes (for Nigerians). Most of these blogs media houses accept opinion pieces on their Write for us pages, and they will publish as long as it suits their requirements.
  6. Are you an email person? Do you know how to write email subjects and cover letters? Do you open your email regularly? (You should have it sync with your phone)
  7. Do you have a personal computer? If you really want to be serious with writing, trust me, you really can’t do much on your smartphones. Need to use a piece of personal advice? Install Grammarly Keyboard.
  8. Do you have integrity? You can start now and keep the fire burning, but it won’t be long before your light is put out if you’re not trustworthy. The writing community needs to be kept safe. No scams!

These questions above should guide you on how to get started.

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