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When you take your time to go through the reviews left by our customers, one thing echoes all through- THEY NEVER DISAPPOINT! You see? That's just how we roll.

most guaranteed market

How many publishers out there publish your books and sell them for you? Oh! See why we are different? We have the best market you need.


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There is always difference in want and need. Here is why we split our packages into three from which you can pick.



  • Editing
  • E-book Design
  • Market Support



  • Editing
  • Book Cover (front)
  • ISBN
  • E-book Design
  • Market Support


Juliet Rose

  • Editing
  • Book Cover (front, back & spine)
  • ISBN
  • E-book Design
  • Amazon Account (Kindle)
  • Okadabooks Account
  • Market Support

Our Supplementary Services include

NGN7,000 / $20 (with agreement to legal deposit or its equivalent in cash in case of e-book)

Amazon, Booklify, ACEworld, CF Writers, Poemify, Tushstories, Read Me First, Okada Books, Kobo Books, Black Pride Mag): NGN10,000 / $30

(E-mail Push Notifications, Social Media Promotions and Book Listing on ACEworld TV Channel): NGN3,000 / $9

NGN1 per word (word count * 1)

(front, & 3D samples): NGN5,000 / $9), (front, back, Spine full cover & 3D samples): NGN10,000 / $30

NGN2,000 / $6 (with agreement to pre-issuance book reading)

FREE (Continued guide attracts charge)

Prices stated above are standard charges, but we are always open to negotiation. Talk with us (to pick a package, book one of our supplementary services or ask questions). You can mail us at or call +234(0)8072349777

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