Awards & Prizes

Competitions, projects, exhibitions and fairs across the globe awarding several prizes and awards, and sponsored by renowned organizations including but not limited to:

  • Commonwealth of Nations
  • World Summit
  • United Nations
  • Top Universities across the globe
  • Major brands worldwide…

Creatives, innovators, intellectuals, entrepreneurs etc can take advantage of these opportunities.


Below are all Awards & Prizes and their corresponding deadlines (in DESC order of deadline). List is updated daily, please bookmark this page. You can also:

πŸ•› Aug 05, 2022
Ericsson Innovation Awards for Students 2022/23
for Undergraduates
πŸ•› Aug 01, 2022
HFG Distinguished Scholar Awards for Researchers 2022
for Researchers
πŸ•› Jul 29, 2022
Pitch AgriHack Digital Agriculture Competition for Agritech Startups 2022 (US$45,000 Cash Prize)
for Entrepreneurs
πŸ•› Jul 15, 2022
Call for Nomination: 2023 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering
for Professionals
πŸ•› Jul 03, 2022
Teach A Man To Fish School Enterprise Challenge 2022 (Up to $25,000 in Prizes)
for Secondary Sch Students
πŸ•› Jun 06, 2022
UNESCO 2022 International Literacy Prizes
for Everyone
πŸ•› Jun 03, 2022
USAID Digital Development Awards 2022
for Everyone
πŸ•› May 31, 2022
U.S. Chamber of Commerce 2022 Africa Digital Innovation Competition for African Entrepreneurs
for Entrepreneurs
πŸ•› May 30, 2022
APNI 2022 Young African Phosphorus Fellowship Award Program for African Researchers
for Scientists
πŸ•› May 24, 2022
Government of Germany Green Talents Award 2022
for Post Graduates
πŸ•› May 20, 2022
Call for Nominations: The 2022 UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education
for Everyone
πŸ•› May 18, 2022
TWAS-Lenovo Science Award for Scientists in Developing Countries 2022
for Scientists
πŸ•› May 15, 2022
Apply for the Puchi Award 2022
for Writers & Poets
πŸ•› Mar 31, 2022
Yidan Prize for Education Research and Development 2022
for Everyone
πŸ•› Feb 18, 2022
Ted Rogers MBA Black Graduate Leadership Awards, Canada
for Africans

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