How to give your kids sex education – Mother shares experience

Nigerian mother and Lawyer, Jay Princess Adesanya gives details on the importance and the best way to give kids sex education, using her relationship with her 13 years old son as a case study.

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Adesanya, who shared this on her Facebook account said;

I have a thirteen-year-old boy. He is sweet and a huge goofball. I am his best friend and will be for a long time. So, we talk about everything. Sex inclusive.

The other day I casually asked, “what do you know about sex?” He said “it is the coming together of a man and woman.” I nodded approval and went on to explain how the “coming together” actually works.

I told him sex is a beautiful thing and it’s a gift. Something you would share with a special person later in the future. Then I went on to the dangers of pre-marital sex. How it can affect his education, his mind and a host of other things. I also told him about safe sex. Yes, we owe it to our children to leave no stone unturned in a discussion such as this.

I was chatting with a woman and she was like “I can never tell my daughters about contraceptives and all that. It is like encouraging them.” I smiled.

Do you really think your children are totally ignorant about sex? They watch TV, they have the internet where information is available in a click. If you don’t inform them properly, chances are, they would get wrong information elsewhere.

This is a generation where no topic should be off the table. Lay everything bare! Let your children be able to come to you for anything.

I mean, my mom gave me the talk when I started menstruating but she didn’t go deep into it. She did her best the way she thought fit. I would do mine the way I see fit.

Talk to your children about sex!! It is not a taboo.

Mention the genitals by their proper names for Pete’s sake. Saying vagina or penis won’t buy you a ticket in hell. Let them realize it is just like any other part of the body.

We have to do better than our parents did. Pedophilia and sexual molestation is everywhere. The least we can do is educate them properly. I’ll say it again.. Be your child/children’s best friend.

PS: I know some people may try to tell me how to raise my child, please resist the urge. Raise yours, I’ll do mine. Peace..

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