Free Online Course – How Computers Work: Demystifying Computation

Free Online Course - How Computers Work: Demystifying Computation
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Explore the fundamentals of computing: computer architecture, binary logic, data processing, circuits & more. Supported by Google

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Understand computation, the basis of every computer system

In this course, you’ll gain an understanding of how computers work at a fundamental level.

You’ll explore system architecture, along with how computers use binary and logic. Once you’ve examined the von Neumann model of computer architecture and the Fetch-Execute cycle, you’ll learn to build a range of simple circuits for maths, and then simulate various logic gates.


Ultimately you’ll complete the course with an understanding of the processes that underpin every modern computer – from supercomputers to smartphones, and everything in between.

  • How computers use binary arithmetic
  • How transistors can act as digital switches and be combined to create logic gates
  • Creating truth tables for AND, NOT and OR gates, individually or combined
  • How logic gates can be combined to produce digital circuits that can perform a calculation
  • Von Neuman Architecture and the Fetch-Execute cycle

Who is the course for?

This course would suit KS3 and GCSE Computer Science teachers – plus educators from other countries that teach at an equivalent level.

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