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Learn every skill necessary for developing a top-quality desk research paper in this free online course.

Desk research papers are widely assigned in college and university. This course gives you detailed guidance in creating a first-quality desk research paper – the kind of guidance that you may not get in any of your classes. You will learn how to analyze the assignment, write a thesis statement or research question, set research goals, collect and analyze information, organize your paper, and edit and revise your paper for outstanding results.


This course gives you a detailed explanation of the desk research writing process, starting with assignment analysis and ending with polishing the final paper. Crucial stages of the paper development process – such as developing a narrow topic, writing an effective thesis statement or research question, identifying sources, carrying out targeted research, information analysis, proper citation, peer editing, revision, and rewriting are all explained and demonstrated in over four hours of video. In addition, downloadable supplementary materials are provided.

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The course is divided into six sections:

1. Developing Your Research Question or Thesis Statement

2. Carrying Out Your Research

3. Analyzing Your Information

4. Organizing Your Paper

5. Qualities of Effective Academic Writing

6. Editing and Revision

The skills you learn in this course will make the task of researching and writing a desk research paper more organized, more efficient, and less time consuming, resulting in a paper that meets the higher standards college and university instructors look for in student academic writing.

If you’d like to sharpen your academic writing skills, this course is what you need. And, as a bonus, you’ll find that the skills learned in this course on desk research writing are transferable to other forms of academic writing you’ll be assigned. Start this course to level up your process now!

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