She slowly strapped off her virginness,
Like a chainsaw dividing a tree into two halves,
As her virgin dress fell,
Like a stone thrown to kiss clouds,
Accelerating down like a car that lost its motion.

Her fully enboldened pure heavens,
Sent iced torrid affection,
Down my racked bones,
As her black strapless and lacy bra,
Camouflaged her legs softly.

My arms ferried her clit shop,
Along her neighbourhood,
Like a sex imprisoned prisoner,
Denied a platter of friction,
To thrust in his rusty feels.

My eyes roamed her opened books,
As her curvy tomato-stalk,
Became hardened by my glaring rod,
With salacious arousal wrapping the air,
As I motioned closer like a starved lion,
Caressing her nervous oranges with lustful eyes.

She grew inextinguishable flames of kneads,
As I stroked her hardened blossom.
A tap of ocean minced between her hole,
Crept to the sturdy wild room,
Like a narrow pathway of water fall.
As her legs trembled to the feast of my mouth.

I flamed off her all beautified security,
With hands fastened on her purse,
Dragging the drooling droplet of dripping doom,
From her deep eternity of unborn sluts.

The intensed precoating wetness,
Enslaved her glistened pathway,
Flammed up much as I slipped my indices,
Into her unsolved fraction of misery.

Oh! she pleaded pleasingly in misery,
As misery became her best friend,
When she pleaded more for a rusty rod,
To canvass her spreaded centre of gravity,
On the motionless bed of life.

'shh. . .you will obey me' I striked,
As rumbled hands came caressing her downs,
Rigorously slipping a deep weight,
Like a meat giving its scale pan an head.

Her moans wrafted her mouthed heart,
Like a zombie tearing a scared flesh,
As I went harder, and harder, and had her,
With her moaning, calling and cumming,
On my mouth buried in her world,
Like an angry pitch soiled by foot wears.

I spanked the two succulent walls,
That unfolded naturally like a built heaven,
On the earth of her figurine,
As time manage to kick our butts,
And fear kissing off her tears,
With a mouth filled of pressurized pleasure.

I yanked her heavily once more,
As her legs denied my head,
A breathe-through to the air,
Wrapping round the wet aromas,
Oozing out from her sturdy world.

"Please. . .stop. . .please don't stop",
She wailed in a soft bemused music,
Playing her cleavage like Jazz instrumentals,
Between her pained pleasure,
As another orgasm came knocking at her leisure,
Like a whirlwind wrecking off my tongue.

The last lip-thrust exploded her world,
And sent sweet shivery showers,
To the cells dancing in my brain,
Like an outburst of flames,
Lynching the body of air into smokes.

FInally i bacame a retired soldier,
On the bed who was a humble soldier,
Next to that curvy ebony soldier,
Who championed her mysteriousness,
From the end back to the beginning.

Copyright Derrick White III
November 2016.


Facebook Username : Ifemeni Xtian Derrick White

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