Poetry: Love At First Sound by Omemu Moyo Esther

Dear Lover,
Rosy cheeks and dainty browns; cherubic glow and an angel’s halo
Tales do say love at first sight; but I think ours was at first sound
Your soothing inflections called my lonely heart
The emotion behind them stirring up pure desires
Your innocence drew me in like moth to flame
And though our crossed paths was danger to our souls
Not even destiny could keep me away and fate the same
Your voice did lull my fears away
And like lullaby, they put my pain to sleep
The melodious rhythm of your laughter was a miracle
My sorrows danced in tune and drifted astray
And the magic in your poetic cadence
Poisoned every hurt I once knew
How could I not fall in love?
Deeper and deeper, how could I not seek your heart?
And yes, our time is over
Man’s will against the divine still dwells in limits
But I would never forget you my lover, my saviour and my friend
Your voice would always ring in my ears till the very day I die
And if fate blesses me with sight by the next life, I pray it is you I see first
And your voice I hear and that we tread the same path to a glorious eternity
Yours Truly,
The lover you never met




Omemu Esther is a 300 level student of Mass Communication with a passion for words and its changing effects. She wants to tell the african story beyond the present reality and expose the world to the neglected beauty of Africa.



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