Unravelling the Symptoms of PCOS: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Are you seeing hair growth on your face? As a woman, it can be irksome to see facial hair on your chin, cheeks, upper lips, etc. You might think it’s normal till it gets off-limits and becomes a pain.

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Could it be PCOS? Are you experiencing any other symptoms? At first, you would not know whether it is PCOD; the symptoms signal that something is wrong with your body. Don’t worry about it! You can consult for homoeopathic treatment for PCOS – the doctors will have a fix for it. Many people, the only symptom, so a detailed post reveals the signs. If you find any symptoms troubling you, make an appointment with a homoeopathic doctor near you.

Till then, dive into this post to find out the signs of this malady.

What is PCOS?

PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, is quite common in women. It is a hormonal disorder in women who are in their reproductive age. Many women are experiencing it, and it can affect those in high-risk groups more. Don’t get scared if you find out you have PCOS.

A woman may not have all the symptoms. For example, every woman does not see facial hair or weight gain. Some women with PCOS lead a healthy lifestyle, so the symptoms may not show. But that’s because they are managing their PCOS.

A woman with PCOS has an imbalance of two hormones – androgens and insulin. Androgen is a male hormone that is present in a woman with PCOS. Since these hormones are quite high in the body, the woman experiences various changes.

Let’s take a look at the symptoms now!

1. Say Hello to Facial Hair!

Since we started off with facial hair, let’s put this matter to rest. Due to the presence of male androgen hormones (and that too at a high level), facial hair begins to sprout.

Androgens are present in both men and women, but the level is quite low in women. But as these hormones grow in your body, there is an imbalance. Increased levels of androgens in the female body can cause body hair growth (excessive!), scalp hair loss, and weight gain.

Waxing off or threading facial hair repeatedly will not treat this problem. You need a medical expert (a homoeopathic doctor, to be precise) to take care of the situation.

2. Weight Gain is Now Hitting the Roof

Many people are trying to gain weight due to health reasons, but when you have PCOS, you gain a lot of weight. Many women go past the obesity phase.

Weight gain is one of the most common symptoms of PCOS, and a woman may struggle to lose the extra weight, which requires the PCOS patient to follow a specific diet. You can’t eat everything because some ingredients could worsen the symptoms of PCOS.

Women that have PCOS often experience a feeling like they are not eating enough but still gaining weight. Your doctor may even tell you to give up on alcohol and cigarettes due to your health condition. A special PCOS diet can be procured from an expert. Homoeopathic doctors can also help you with a clean and special PCOD diet which includes whole foods.

3. Uncontrollable Appearance of Acne On Your Face

We have seen many women with PCOS who have a lot of acne on their faces. Blame it on the male hormone level in your body.

4. Irregular Periods: No, You’re Not Pregnant.

Missed periods do not mean pregnancy. It could be due to PCOS too. Once again, this is a common symptom in women with PCOS.

Some younger women have never had sexual intercourse and still miss periods for a month or so. This is abnormal, and it could mean that you have PCOS.

Summing Up

These are just some of the symptoms that you may be experiencing. PCOS also affects your mental health. For example, you could be feeling moody, and depression may also trouble you at times.

Don’t worry! Meet a homoeopathic doctor for a check-up and the best possible treatment. You can manage PCOS too!

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