After Failed Application to Dana Airline, Lady Shows up for Interview Uninvited, Gets the Job

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A cabin crew and graduate of Zoology, Uche Anaekwe, has shared how she secured a job at Dana Air even with a failed application. Read her story.

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“A lot has happened to me between August-November, and I’m nothing short of grateful to God.

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“After I graduated from aviation school in July and got my cabin crew licence I had no idea how I was going to get a job, I didn’t know anyone in the industry who would give me a leg up, and although I knew I had all the qualifications, I didn’t know how to go about securing a job except submitting my CV to airlines and hoping for the best.

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“In the last week of July, I decided to pack my bags and go to Lagos, my plan was to go round airlines offices dropping my cv with them and praying that something clicks, mind you I had previously submitted my CV to Dana air when they called for new cabin crew but I didn’t hear back from them and off course I was devastated.

“Long story short, a good friend and fellow cabin crew aspirant I met here on LinkedIn who had also applied for the same role with Dana told me that she had been invited for their aptitude test, I was very happy for her but at the same time sad that I wasn’t called. She was kind enough to tell me the date of the test and where it will take place (funny enough I was going to the airport that same day to submit my CV to other airlines).

“I took a bold and courageous leap of faith, went for an aptitude test I wasn’t invited for, and the rest they say is history.

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“They say that when opportunity meets preparedness, success is bound to happen.

“I’m forever grateful to Maryam Adeleke for being an amazing friend to me even when she didn’t have to. I’m also very thankful to Dana air for using no prejudice and bias to recruit their new crew because I wouldn’t have had a chance otherwise.

“I thank God for making my dreams come true and starting me off on this amazing journey, I know there are better things to come and look forward to it.”

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Congratulations to her.

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  1. I’m the friend, Adeleke Maryam. God and Uche’s tenacity to never giving up got her the job. A win for one is a win for all like they say. Congratulations my friend.🥰😊😊😊 I’m happy to be part of her success story. 🥰☺️

  2. Congratulations Uche your courage is worth emulating.

  3. God bless you Maryam. Your good deed would be rewarded a million fold. Wishing you both successful careers at the Airline.

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