Beauty of Failure Contest: Winning Entries and Anthology Released

Several weeks after the call for submission, we have finally selected the winner of the Beauty of Failure Poetry Contest. Recall that the call for submission was made on the 10th of August, 2019, reading;

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We live in this side of the world where a rejection letter has become a light-out for poets, a place where an audience or editor’s verdict on a writer’s piece determines what comes next: a cup of coffee or sniper! I mean we now live in this place where writing is the key to existence.

“But it’s more than just writing. Failure can creep in at any point in our lives. So it’s upon us to find our light in dark places so we can live to win another day.

In light of this, we have selected our winner and compiled top 50 entries from the over 100 submissions received. After several editorial assessment,  Jeje Oluwasola emerged winner with his poem, Games. Of course it was a difficult situation arriving at this result as we had to read and analyze numbers of brilliant entries which captured the theme from various angles even by poets from every part of the world.

The literary world is gradually breeding rebels with the increase in the numbers of beautifully crafted rejection mails being sent out to creative writers daily, mostly without stated reasons. Many writers have dropped their pen. Some more are out there seeking other ways to validity. This anthology is simply the mirror to the fire burning within these poets, and also a revelation of what’s to come.
However, the purpose of the contest remains Failure is not the end of life‘. And this is successfully captured in this collection.
Winner: Jeje Oluwasola[Games]
Top 50 Entries: See page 4 of the anthology.
The winner, Jeje Oluwasola will be contacted on how to receive his cash prize of N5,000.
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  1. Excellent anthology. Thank you for including me. You know that salesmen are great if they think "great if I get a "no.' That means next time I'm closer to getting a "yes." Nevertheless, for guys like me, there's no way around it, a meaningful rejection hurts.

    Paul Brucker, Chicago

  2. Is there a way to buy this anthology in print? If so, I haven’t found it.

  3. Well, without an answer from you folks, it looks like “The Beauty of Failure” is a failure in terms of getting a printed copy. If not so, let me know.

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