Meet Prakriti, the girl with the finest handwriting in the world


A female student from Nepal, Prakriti Malla has been recognized for having the most beautiful handwriting in the world.

Malla, 15 years of age, studies at Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya school. She is reported to have won the title of Penmanship Competition, a beautiful handwriting competition organized by the Nepal government. The government also announced her signature as the most beautiful signature in Nepal.

Reports suggest that Prakriti Malla took two hours per day to craft her beautiful handwriting.

See some of Prakriti’s handwriting below:

Year 8 student Prakriti Malla first gained national attention in her native Nepal last year, was subsequently given an award by the Nepalese government and has in recent months gone viral worldwide on a range of social media platforms.

Thousands of netizens have shared her work, with some suggesting that Microsoft adopt Malla’s handwriting as an official font in their products. One person tweeted: “Reminds me of my father’s writing, he left school at 13, would have been 101 now. That’s the way kids were taught to write once upon a time.”

Nepal’s government has even recognised the student as having the country’s most beautiful signature.

See some pictures in the tweet above.

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