N-Power: How to Check if you are qualified for the CBN Nexit Loan

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The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, on Wednesday cleared the N3m loan scheme for N-Power beneficiaries who were eligible to sign up for the NEXIT program at the time of registration.


Meanwhile, the latest information reaching us is that under the NEXIT program, a large amount of loans will be disbursed to eligible applicants from non-receiving Enforced Beneficiaries.

The CBN loan scheme, which is expected to encourage volunteers who have opted out of the Npower scheme, can venture into a lucrative business to earn a living. It has been a long dream for many affected applicants, with some losing interest, and fortunes secured.

According to Npower’s official media page @Npower Lagos, citing the fact that concrete arrangements are being made, a large amount of funds will soon be distributed to the volunteers who have left. In addition, outgoing volunteers were advised by Empower Lagos to exercise more patience while awaiting loan disbursement.

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Remember the answer given by the N-Power official to a question asked by an outgoing volunteer about forgetting Batch A and B beneficiaries. The answer was that they had not been forgotten, they were already at the peak of preparation. Now it is clear that something will happen sooner than expected.

This online news outlet has previously reported that the criteria used to determine if a Nexit applicant is eligible for a Nexit loan is a well-written business plan. The reason you need a business plan for a CBN Nexit loan is that the lender, CBN, wants a written document detailing the outline of your firm or startup, including whether you can meet its objectives. How you define and how you want to achieve them. In the long run

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How to Check if you are qualified for the CBN Nexit Loan?

To check if you are qualified for the CBN Nexit exit loan follow the procedure listed below;

  • Login to your account using your registered email and password
  • Navigate to your profile dashboard
  • Tap on the top left for the Menu
  •  Preview your status, if you see all green ticked () congratulations!, you are qualified for the Nexit Loan Disbursement.

CBN NEXIT Loan Disbursement Date?

Kindly be informed that the loan has already been approved by the Government of Nigeria, and the fund will be disbursed in batches. So, the question everyone asks is when will the NEXIT loan be paid?

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