Npower: NASIMS state reasons why some beneficiaries did not get paid

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NASIM official has addressed the issue of ‘failed and ‘no payment data available’ on some beneficiaries portals.

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Our Discoveries

While we run a check on your NASIMS profile page, the following discoveries were made On Some Beneficiaries Profile, which constituted to their inability to get paid;


  1. Did not do the COMPULSORY physical verification exercise. (Changed From Beneficiary To Applicant)
  2. Did physical verification exercise, but was not successful (Pending)(Changed From Beneficiary To Applicant)
  3. Wrong Bank account details provided ( Account Invalidation)
  4. No Bank account details provided (Account Invalidation)
  5. No BVN provided (Account Invalidation)
  6. Information mismatch. Etc.
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Based on the above discoveries, some beneficiaries STEM the possible cause of the Failed Payment and No Payment Data Available, while we take responsibility for those who observed all processes Accurately and Successfully, but still experience the unfortunate issues.

While collation of Data is ongoing, should there be any further directives regarding provisional supplementary verification for those that missed out, it shall be communicated across.

Stay tuned, as we keep updating you…

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DISCLAIMER: Do not pay or release sensitive financial details to any organizer/recruiter unless futher verified from your end.
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