Npower News: Npower prepares to Pay over N90,000 Stipend to Batch C2 Npower Beneficiaries

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The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has recently communicated its intention to begin disbursing stipends to the beneficiaries of the Batch C2 Npower Program.

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The announcement was made through the official Facebook handle of the Ministry on Wednesday. The Npower management has assured the beneficiaries that they are working to pay at least three months of stipends at once, instead of just one month, and that this will hopefully be done in the near future.

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It is important to note that the Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries, who were officially enrolled in the program on October 4th, 2022, have yet to receive any form of stipend since the inception of the program. The payment of at least N90,000 to the beneficiaries will cover their stipends for the months of October, November, and December, 2022.

Despite the worries and concerns of some Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries, who have lost hope due to persistent delays, the Npower management has, in fact, already disbursed three months of stipends to the Npower Batch C2 Monitoring Team (Independent Monitors). Additionally, the Ministry has recently started deploying N-Build beneficiaries under the Batch C2 Npower Program.


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  1. It is disheartening if the N-power management could not pay the stipends of Batch C1 to end and would give up to the next batch. Some people in My center have not received anything since the program began. This is insubordination.

  2. As for the program,, the batch C ,stream 2, that devoted there, time ,money and time ,since last year , have not gotten a dime,, It a catastrophe and unjust..

  3. For how long will she work towards paying a stipend… Should we die of hunger first? This is total wickedness!!

  4. Me self up to know i didn’t receive anything pertaining worknation or any continue of batch c1

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