President Tinubu Reveals His Administration Plans For Teachers

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As the world celebrate world teacher’s day today, President Tinubu Reveals His Administration Plans For Teachers.

According President Tinubu, Under his watch, Teachers will get their due reward. My administration’s commitment to teachers remain paramount, he said .

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President Tinubu disclosed the following plans:

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  • In collaboration with the Head of Service, there will be a comprehensive | revision of existing guidelines.
  • Anyone seeking to benefit from this Act must be fully prepared to return to the classroom, equipped with the latest teaching techniques and skills, especially in the realm of information technology.
  • A significant policy initiative, the Harmonized Retirement Age of Teachers in Nigeria Act 2022, allows dedicated teachers to continue their invaluable service for up to forty years or until reaching the age of sixty-five, whichever comes first.
  • Teachers must equip their students with skills that are relevant to an ever-evolving job market, where automation and AI are becoming increasingly prevalent.
  • An agenda to build a system where artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual classrooms are not mere buzzwords but tools that can revolutionize the way students learn and think.
  • There will be an investment towards modernizing our educational infrastructure and making sure that we are in step with the world on the road to the future.


A culture of appreciation for teachers will be built as they will be recognized for their contributions not just on World Teachers’ Day but throughout the year.

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