The Time Is Now | Micheal Ace

These walls won’t listen no more
The night will grow into a dawn
Your shadow shall begin to fly
And your dream, a waving flag

We won’t call this love no more
Because you will wake and call
But I won’t be here, but faraway
Hustling, catching up with trains

You will break a bond and smile
But I will be on a different ride
Your hair will make a tender fall
But I have learnt the art of lust

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But before the day grows so grey
And we lose a hold of childhood
Before it all become a snowflake
Melting into breeze, soft and idle
Listen as I sing out these spells
And then, you perform the magic

Before we learn a new language
Of a universe as deep as poetry
Before we open this brown page
And begin the quests for history
Listen as I write you some lyrics
Then, you sing the world a song

Smell the roses, as cock crows
And believe me, the time is now
Micheal Ace

Full Name: Micheal Ace



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