Coronavirus: Pastor Chris Insists 5G caused death of 1,026,000 people in the world

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome insists in another video that 5G caused death of 1,026,000 people believed to have died from Coronavirus complications.

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In the recent video complementing the one he earlier released explaining the connection between 5G, Internet of things and COVID-19, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, based in Lagos spoke about how the Federal government of Nigeria purposely locked down their major cities: Lagos, Abuja and Ogun to pave way for the installation of the 5G masts.

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In the earlier video released, Pastor Chris explained that the 5G is powerful enough to create a sickening effect which is most probably the cause of Coronavirus and he noted that this is the world’s plot as regard the arrival of Antichrist.

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However, his conspiracy theory which is all about his claim that 5G caused death of 1,026,000 people in the world so far is against the research work done by Ethan Siegel, a senior contributor on Forbes and astrophysicist titled The Science Of Why 5G Is (Almost) Certainly Safe For Humans.

5G caused death

Pastor Chris assertions, however, remain unfounded and unproven scientifically.

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  1. The man is delusional. So sad a lot of people would believe him because he’s God to them.

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