Chronicles of Silence | Excerpt From The Thing Between My Legs And Other Stories

IBADAN WAS THE OLDER SON WHO was too meek to garner fame and affluence,... Read more »
Taking Advantage of your Mistakes by Ikuemonisan .A. Victor

Taking Advantage of your Mistakes by Ikuemonisan .A. Victor

At every point and stages in life the phrase “mistakes” are bound to happen... Read more »

New Book Alert: Pun Poetry Anthology

Weeks after the completion and presentation of prize of Pun Poetry Contest, selected poems... Read more »

Jide Badmus Publishes Scriptures, A Book Unraveling The Mysteries of Man’s Origin

Jide Badmus, a prolific Nigerian writer publishes another collection after his debut, There Is... Read more »
Walking the Pathway of Excellence

Published: Walking the Pathway of Excellence by Olajuwon Joseph Olumide

Walking the Pathway of Excellence by Olajuwon Joseph Olumide defies simple categorisation. It is... Read more »
Alto in the Larynx of Lake by Tomisin Olusola Martins

Reading Olusola’s poetry sets your mind on fire: Review of Alto in the Lynrax of Lake

ACEworld Publishers pride in publishing great works. One of their publications in 2019 is... Read more »
Alto in the Larynx of Lake by Tomisin Olusola Martins

Alto in the Larynx of Lake, Poetry Collection by Tomisin Olusola Martins

MARTINS Tomisin Olusola in his Alto in the Larynx of Lake writes with so... Read more »

Free Book: The Warren Buffett Way: The World’s Greatest Investor

According to Peter S. Lynch, The Warren Buffett Way outlines his career and presents... Read more »

Critical Thematic Analysis of Taiye Ojo’s ‘all of us are birds & some of us have broken wings

by Umar Yogiza Jr. Taiye Ojo [Tee Bliss] has only one tiny published collection,... Read more »

Amina: What Intellects Are Saying About the Love Collection By Maazi and Victoria

Few hours ago, the Facebook atmosphere experienced a drastic turn of events when the... Read more »
Soft Echoes by Olaleye Gift Emmanuel

New Book: Soft Echoes by Olaleye Gift Emmanuel

The very essence of poetry is in the message it passes across regardless of... Read more »
Walking the Pathway of Excellence

What experts have to say, reading the manuscript of Walking in the Pathway of Success by Olajuwon Joseph Olumide

Walking in the pathway of success by Olajuwon Joseph Olumide, forthcoming on ACEworld Publishers,... Read more »
The Sustaining Cup

Published: The Sustaining Cup by Olaleye Gift Emmanuel

“The Sustaining Cup” is a string of poems- each carrying a particular wavelength of... Read more »

500 African books for free download during the lockdown period

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the face of the world: major cities now empty... Read more »
Walking the Pathway of Excellence

An Excellent Pursuit: Insight into Olajuwon Joseph’s Forthcoming Book, Walking the Pathway of Excellence

It's an excellent pursuit, gunning for the mountaintop life! How do you survive the... Read more »

Insight into Echezonachukwu Nduka’s forthcoming poetry collection “Waterman”

Echezonachukwu Nduka's forthcoming poetry collection "Waterman" was officially unveiled today by Griots Lounge Publishing,... Read more »

Free Book: Time Management: Proven Techniques for Making Every Minute Count

Are you a slave to your to-do list? At the end of the day,... Read more »

5 reasons you should never publish your book without ISBN

I have had couples of relationships majorly with first-time authors, and it's understandable; given... Read more »
How to become an author

[Ad] How to become an author: Take a look at our publishing packages

It gets to a point in your career when you decide to give yourself... Read more »
Earth on a Wheelchair

Earth on a Wheelchair, Edited by Franklyn Orode and Somadina M. James

Dedicated to the victims and survivors of COVID19 and to the generations not yet... Read more »

Published: We Will Be Fine: An Anthology of hope

It is always good to see ' hope ' in everything. That's why for... Read more »
2020 Love Anthology

Published: 2020 Love Anthology, Compiled by Cynthia Gentile

2020 Love Anthology tagged Love: A Reflection of Light is a publication of ACEworld... Read more »
Today I Choose Joy Anthology, Edited by Jide Badmus and Miriam Oyeniyi

Today I Choose Joy Anthology, Edited by Jide Badmus and Miriam Oyeniyi

Today, I Choose Joy is an anthology of poems and stories edited by Jide... Read more »

Free Book: Boys Are Not Stones Anthology II: A Country of Broken Boys

In the last two decades, the presume indicative belief, and the universal conception of... Read more »

Introduction to Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki | Get Free Copy

by McCoy Major Golding Get a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert... Read more »

‘100 Great Business Ideas’, ‘Just Mercy: A story of Justice and Redemption’ & 6 Other Books For Free Download This Week

It's just another week and we are bringing you another 8 books to download... Read more »

‘How To Sell Yourself’, ‘The Last Black Unicorn’ & 6 Other Books For Free Download This Week

This week, we are bringing you 8 books for download like we will keep... Read more »

Beyond Aesthetics: Insight Into Wo̩lé S̩óyinká’s Forthcoming 50th Book, at 85

Beyond Aesthetics, a forthcoming book from the Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka uses, Abuse, and Dissonance... Read more »

Free Book Alert: Poetica Magazine | Third Edition

Poetica Magazine is a publication of African Writers Development Trust. The third edition of... Read more »

Traditional Publishing: 9 Literary Houses you can Submit your Manuscript for Free Publication

It takes more than a good manuscript to become an author, taking into perspective... Read more »

Free Book Alert: Ten Tongues of Praise by Immaculate Bonny Idika

Each day, we wake up feeling fulfilled; sometimes disappointed. Life has its way of... Read more »

Published: In the lap of the gods by Gbenga Ogunsola

In the lap of the gods by Gbenga Ogunsola, is a succinct commentary on... Read more »

Published: Faithful Foes, A Novel by Gbenga Ogunsola

A modern audience deserves to read a modern story. This is not just about... Read more »
free books online

Download free books online: Novels, Collections, Guides

Available for downloads here are free books online ranging from Novels, Collections, Poems to Motivational... Read more »

New Book Alert | Salient Chapters by Ruth Ede

About The Book: Torn trust, broken bonds, supreme succour, loyal love, honest hope, dead... Read more »

Interview: ACEworld Editor, Uche Amaodi Enters into Discussion with Stefn Sylvester on his Publishing Journey

Can you tell us extensively who Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu is? I began my writing... Read more »

Understanding Chimamanda’s Overrated Prowess And How It Affects Your Growth As A Writer

For some few seconds down these paragraphs, let me borrow you, as a writer,... Read more »

The Yunhouse Story: Assorted London Tales About The Africa

In the year 1884, in the German City of Berlin, representatives of major European... Read more »

Published: Oriri’s Plight, Brymo’s Debut Fictional Novel | Get Your Copy!!!

Oriri's plight is a mulfifaceted work of fiction centred around a young Nubian man... Read more »

Published: Lines On The Seat; Collection of Poems by Deacon Adigun Temitope Idealism

In a world replete with bastardisation of art and the penchant for uncanny gains,... Read more »

What You Need To Know About Adigun Temitope Idealism ‘s Poetry Collection, Line On The Seat (LOTS)

Lines On The Seat (LOTS) is a collection of poems that is birthed out... Read more »

[New Book Alert] Published: House of Lunatics II by Ayoola Goodness, Wale Ayinla, Mosobalaje Abimbola

Ayoola, Ayinla, and Abimbola return in the second installment of the satirical masterpiece, House... Read more »