I see dead bodies in the streets of Africa due to Coronavirus – Bill Gates’ wife

American philanthropist, Melinda Gates has expressed worry over the worst possible effect of the COVID-19 virus when it fully hits the African continent just like in Asia, Europe and the United States saying “I see dead bodies in the streets of Africa”

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Melinda Gates who is the wife of one of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates in a recent interview with CNN warned about the issues faced by the African continent and how the effect as regard Coronavirus will be devastating.

She said while referencing the failed healthcare system in Africa;

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“COVID-19 will be horrible in the developing world, I see dead bodies in the streets of Africa”.

Over the years, Bill and Melinda through their foundation have done a lot of philanthropic and charity works in Africa, thereby becoming a very formidable force as regard life sustenance in African countries with highest poverty rates.

According to Jungle Journalist, the foundation’s trust endowment of $43.5bn (£29.5bn) makes grant payments in excess of $3bn every year ($3.9bn in 2014). Its focus has been on bridging the enormous health deficit between rich and poor countries and on fights it sees as vast, but ultimately winnable. Among its goals are the eradication of malaria and polio, and controlling the spread of tuberculosis and HIV.

However, it appears Mrs Gates is even more troubled and worried about happenings in Africa than the residents. In her words:

“My heart is in Africa. I’m worried. The only reason why the reported cases of the coronavirus disease in Africa is low now is most likely because there has not been wide testing of people. The disease is going to bite hard on the continent. I see dead bodies in the streets of Africa”

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