Arsenal FC’s Mikel Arteta, Dybala test positive to Coronavirus

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has been diagnosed and tested positive for coronavirus. Report has it that Paulo Dybala has also tested positive.

Arsenal's head coach Mikel Arteta has tested positive for covid-19 together with the Argentine football legend, Paulo Dybala . According to the report, those who have been in close contact with the coach including the full first-team squad will now self-isolate

Mikel Arteta

Talking about why celebrities and world figures are coming forth in the news of recent, a Twitter user said;

"The reason celebrities & sportspeople are being diagnosed with Covid-19 is that they're the ones getting tested. Someone like Mikel Arteta will surely have very mild symptoms. But for him to get it shows the degree & the speed of the spread, & the threat it presents to the vulnerable."


Premier League has however called for an emergency meeting with clubs tomorrow regarding fixtures and hopefully, the season might be out on hold to curb the viral menace.

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