Opinion: Systeme Degage: Lessons from Algeria

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By Aduwo Ayodele

1. One certain date, ”the people would revolt” would happen in reality, thereafter we will revolt unstoppably.

2. Ailing leadership position of governance can be a thief of all days. One certain date is for the oppressed. If time is seasonal, having conditional respect for the people is disrespect, abreast that the people are considerate, millennium efforts and white-collar policies only are not the quintessential meaning of patriotism.

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3. Political forum can be rallied against by people from same or no-form togetherness. It is practically possible. Laugh is not love. Loving the goods of a political factor can be ridden by sound judgement – one certain date.

4. The enrichment of wisdom is healing. Those who have it don’t cherish it. Those who don’t have it use the excessive modules of power and get challenged by littluns. Heterogeneity can progress when wisdom is the principal thing. Only.

5. Violence is not an even route to revolution. It is a retrogressing odd. The advantage of sitting corner to plan on exactly what you agitate goes a long way as a free fair means of expressing demands. In lieu of haste, you don’t stretch the street when you don’t smart up in large numbers. Victory without a life lost is a fiesta in history.

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6. My expectation should not be in friendship with transitional slogans but in the committed efforts that skirts ‘ills of integration’ and blouse ‘policy of democratic ranking’.

7. For the truth, our nation can rise a first time against a national doomy leadership and agree on our Nation’s style of fate. Until which the people can be heroes of truth and democracy.

Aduwo Ayodele writes from Ibadan, Nigeria.

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