Poetry: The Lazy man’s poem by Micheal Ace

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The Lazy man’s poem

The rest of the world sleep at night
The dead too, unless there are errands to run.
& this is why dreamland is a clumsy place to be.
But the best time to hibernate the tongue
& let the nose do the snoring is early morning
When the length and breadth of Paradise
Is minimized into the size of your mattress
& you have all the peace in the world
Unto yourself clenching it firm in your fists
& dipping them loosened inside your pants.
The best time to mimic the dead is when
All the phases of darkness lies in the
Distance between your eyelids & pupils
& you record a voice note on your cellphone
Telling anyone who remembers you exist
That you do not. These are times when
You take a break from reality
When life holds you by the tail & you keep
Slipping off, merrimenting in the fantasies
Of your illusions & reminding the world
That most times, the lazy man lives longer.

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