Three things that pilfer our initiatives

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 By Bello  Sodeeq Adekunle
 “Phobia” has it is commonly known as fear is a major term considering one’s success in life. once people graduate from institution, they noticed there are things that surpass certificates & degrees. it is called “tenacity,gut,chutzpah,daring” and whatsoever it may be named,these factors guarantee one’s life than school grades.That is just one of the reasons behind jolting successful career of a degree holder, sometimes certificates will never make an ounce of dissimilarities when we sip from the dilapidating creek of thing that assaults our creativity.


This is a deep-rooted kind of fear that paves down into the thoughts of mankind.In this kind of scenario, it is advisable to puff from the air of “The higher the risk ,the greater the achievement”. It is such a kind of depressing entity when people were afraid of the hurling darts of failure because only by getting trapped in the snarl of failure will eventually bolster our sensitivity and make the capillarity of one’s smartness rise rather than trudging a quiet & unbiased route of life, if there should be a solemn trend as such. The crucial fact is that critics & uncertainties(change) create some misleading thought when we allow them to strike our productivity with their surly & faulty objections,then life seem straitlaced with difficulties and became  unbearable to adhere  to the Chronicles of change.


It wasn’t absurd that we were made of marshy & muddy particles of frailties but what absolutely damage us is disqualifying oneself, how could you be hailed when you have willing gave in to oppression. prejudicing yourself and discarding your work is an haunting reference to people who could have cherish you and admire your work. Definitely, no one is Mr perfect and views & opinions is assumably viral. but what really assert that assurance in you that you ain’t right and even go beyond to concede to the more faulty opinions of those you think were  better. Am not trying to go against the term correction, surely, objection is needed to make you redefine your work but permitting condemnation is also an eternal damnation. so scrutinize and separate the impurities from extinct humour, to end up with a well atoned piece and never see yourself as one who create junks. Even scripture could tell we are just an embodiment of weakness & foibles, never let the fright of imperfection crumble your initiative .


 Today, most people shiver in the shadow of other people’s opinion . like I have already said, objection helps but could even do more harm than intended when it wasn’t rightly nurtured. one thing about a critic is that anybody could be one, perhaps signifying the fact that fault is the easiest thing to find. Do not ever concur to people’s opinion and let yours to shrink in the ocean of maladroit, it is painful to scrawl,scribble & strike hard to do something and only to easily cower beneath their idealistic thoughts because trifle of our utilitarian opinion is better than ideas that ought to be an assumption. Though, it is good to admit fault & not desist from acquiring varied views but advisable to circumspect first & be thoughtful before making a final conclusion. It will be hellishly brackish to tame your initiative when doddering on people’s opinion.

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